Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is Caroline Sieber's clutch handbag. I think it's awesome


Naomi Campbell: Hear Her Roar

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign
Ph. Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Images and video courtesy of

In the newest campaign of the renowned Givenchy house, Naomi plays the part of ferocious feline perfectly as she is lensed by the team of Mert & Marcus in London. One may not have expected Riccardo Tisci's floral-esque collection to be marketed with such an intense image, but this is exactly the kind of photo that stops even the worst of chronic page-turners and window shoppers in their tracks. Memorable, significant, iconic - those are the words that will forever accompany this campaign.

Erin Heatherton: Carpet Ride

Images courtesy of Daylife

On Tuesday night, Erin looked radiant on the red carpet of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere in New York City. Stunning everyone in her coral Prabal Gurung dress and Nicholas Kirkwood by Prabal Gurung stilettos, she was a soft beauty standing out in a crowd  hungry for the next installment in the successful franchise. Will you be headed to the theater this weekend yourself to check out this latest Blockbuster (Sorry, but Erin won't be around then)?

Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet

 I think it's gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sienna Miller

so simple but yet so pretty


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lady Gaga arriving Japan

  We all know about Lady Gaga's style but this look, well I lovee the matching green leather Valentino coat and Christian Louboutin Daffodil platform pumps!!

Katlin Aas

Forever the cool Estonian we know and love.
Katlin is wearing shirts by Rag & Bone and American Apparel
SALES are coming and Anna Dello Russo's 10 Rules of sales shopping are here to help you "making excellent purchases".


2. Not buy USELESS stuff.
They are like the exotic SOUVENIRS,
that when you return from the trip,
encumber and ruin
the aesthetics of the house.

3. Point your FAV PIECE
like your BIG LOVE.
Stay posted to the window,
follow the customers’ movements,
wait the first day of sales.

out of the ordinary:
otherwise you will get the nth black coat!

5. Don’t go RANDOMLY,
you’ll spend more energy and money.

6. Take your WISH-list MAP.

7. Give yourself a BUDGET
and follow your WISH-list priorities.

8. Don’t get DUPED by sales:
They are like the beautiful mermaids
that first seduce you and then drag you
to the bottom of the sea.

9. Buy only DESIGNER’S clothes.
Why? high-quality is guaranteed.

10. Not fly commercial!
Take the chance to go in the FORBIDDEN
stores and satisfies all your WHIMS!”

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Constance Jablonski: Post-Nuptial

Estee Lauder "Beautiful" Fragrance Campaign
Ph. Peter Lindbergh // Stylist: Tabitha Simmons

Photo courtesy of 2B Management

In the latest campaign for the renowned "Beautiful" fragrance, Constance is a joyful, confident bride who accepts a gift from a young admirer. Every detail of the photo, from the background design to the brightly-lit ambiance, illustrate just what a wonderful moment it has been for all involved in the nuptials. It is said that many women are at their most beautiful on their wedding day, but of course, we beg to differ as Constance is gorgeous everyday.
Kate Moss
Bambi Northwood-Blyth
Harper's Bazaar Australia June/July 2010
Alexa Chung

I've talked about her before (here), but I must talk again!
She gained a follower for sure. I love her style.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

By Ceen Wahren

Dinara Chetyrova by Jamie Nelson for Elle Vietnam July 2011

Fashion gone rouge

Malgosia Bela by Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain July 2011 Cover

Fashion gone rouge

Regina Feoktistova by Xevi Muntané for Harper’s Bazaar Spain

Fashion gone rouge
DITA x Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2011 Collection


I love the old feel of the collection.


  I bought these on Claire's some while ago, were just 5€, because recently I broke ones black ran-bay look a-like. I saw two sunglasses far more extravagant and wow but were more expensive too so I bought these.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

I wanna ask you guys what do you want to see more on the blog??
Lately I've been without any inspiration (and lots of school stuff. going to have exams), but I want to come back, so do you want more editorials, more personal stuff, more music, more opinions, more inspiration, more items... What? I really want to know your straight opinion about what this blog needs, I would appreciate that :) PUH-LEAASE!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nyasha Matonhodze: Arcane LOVE Song

LOVE Magazine // Issue #6 (Cover)
Ph. Mert & Marcus // Stylist: Katie Grand

Merel Mtouch multitouch table hands-on

Merel Mtouch multitouch table

Multitouch tables haven't exactly hit the mainstream, but price is likely to be a major factor. Merel's Mtouch table brings that familiar Microsoft Surface-like multitouch functionality for a fraction of the price, retailing for $3,995, or about half as much as Surface. The 720p, 32-inch display doesn't sacrifice on power -- a 3.2Ghz quad-core Intel Quad i5 Sandy Bridge processor and dedicated Radeon HD 1GB video card keep the Windows 7-based interface running smoothly -- but the table's display suffers from some uniformity issues, likely due to the pair of super-bright LEDs used to light it.

We spent a few minutes with the Mtouch at the CEA LineShows in NYC, and liked what we saw -- once we got past the lighting issues, which appear slightly exaggerated in the photo above (notice the two bright spots near our subject's fingers). Content is loaded using a web interface, and the table is compatible with a variety of formats, including PDFs, which are displayed as "magazines" with easy-flip pages. The table is in the early stages of production -- just 30 have been made and sold so far, assembled completely at Merel's factory in Yonkers, NY. They are available for purchase now, however, and should be shipped to your door within 30-days of placing an order. Jump past the break as we go hands-on with the Merel Mtouch.

Sony's A77 and A65 spied in leaked image, announcement to follow?

Sony's A77 and A65

First shown nearly a year ago, what appears to be a leaked official photo might finally mean the forever teased A77 is finally on the horizon. If you'll recall, the high-end Alpha was sporting a svelte see-through body, and the only tidbits the Japanese firm would confirm were the 2011 ship date and that all forthcoming Alpha's would have translucent mirrors -- you know, the spiffy kind that enables DSLRs to focus while shooting video. Opportunely, the above pictured image also came with a bevy of specs, which we'll have to assume apply to the pricier A77: a 24 megapixel sensor, 11 point AF, 10 frame per second burst and an ISO of 102,400. Also on the docket is USB 3.0, and a ship date of October. Whether or not the August announcement pans out remains to be seen, but you'll certainly know when we do.

Samsung reveals 'premium accessory suite' for Galaxy Tab 10.1, includes premium prices


Loving your Galaxy Tab 10.1 but just itching for some accessories? Samsung knows you are, and today helpfully unveiled a "premium accessory suite" to soothe your jones for both add-ons and premium prices. The collection (parts of which appeared earlier on Sammy's German site) includes a full-size keyboard dock ($70) and a multimedia dock ($35) enabling HDMI pass-through – you can have Tab video on your TV, as long as you buy the separate HDTV adapter ($30). You have your choice of cases, as well: a book cover model ($60) you can leave on while using the tablet, or a leather pouch edition ($30) that is, you guessed it, a leather pouch. A few miscellaneous items round out the collection, including various chargers, a conductive stylus and the already-released USB adapter. The company also promises a Bluetooth keyboard and SD card adapter to come "mid-summer," just in time to ease your next bout of premium-accessory fever.