Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is Nairobi, She is absolutely stunning. She has a very strong and adrogynous look. It was such a pleasure working with this beautiful girl from the Dominican Republic. She is currently meeting agencies in NY!

High Point

so yesterday i was in high point for the furniture market they have every year. it's a 10 day thing and so amazing. designers and reps from all over the world come and show off their furniture lines, fabric lines, print lines, wall paper lines, etc. i saw so many things i absolutely loved. throughout the day i became annoied because everyone in my class didn't want to stop at the showrooms i wanted to. basically, i got left behind for most of the time lol because i found a lot of the showrooms that were my taste and my style...and of course nobody else likes my taste in my class but me lol. i'm into the eclectic style...meaning putting anything together as long as it looks appealing to the eye. i love color but i think using neutrals and then accenting them with colors is very classic.

i'm just now beginning on a project for school and we have to design a small 3 bedroom/2 bath home. we have a budget and rules we need to follow and certain colors we have to incorporate in the design. should be interesting...can't wait.

i haven't really posted as much lately because i've been super busy for the past 2 weeks. it's been really crazy for me lol. i've been loaded with work...i'm hoping that the craziness will be over soon...

anyways...i have to get back to work but i'll be back with more later

Faye Dunaway


Friday, April 24, 2009

So, here I am with my new skirt. I really couldn't take more good pictures so here it is the only one (:

Skirt from Zara
Top from Bershka
Sunglasses from local shop