Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jordan Richardson

Elite Model Management (New York)
-> her tfs forum topic

paris fashion week


Vogue Paris Octobre '09
via les scans de diorette

Dimitri Hyacinthe

Here are a few photos that I love shot by Dimitri Hyacinthe in N.Y. Dimitri is an AMAZING photographer and person!!! And super great to shoot with : )!

Fifi Newbery

I was browsing the Models 1 website at new faces and found this girl, Fifi Newbery. Not only does she have the coolest name in the world but she is sooooo adorably cute! She looks really young and probably is (I read that shes 15, whether that is true I am not sure) but is already 5'9". She is almost as pretty as Jessica Stam.

I also quiet liked Erica Rosen and Daphne Velghe.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009





vogue 1970


tommy ton for lane crawford

zippora seven


vogue australia


Love these!

I did a photo shoot while i was i New York and i wore beautiful clothes by Laurence. I did the shoot with Meg McCabe with Marilyn as well! :)

Shameer Khan rocks!

My last trip to N.Y.C. i shot with super talented photographer Shameer Khan i really admire how successful he already is and hes only 19!! He is testing with the top agencies in N.Y.!! Here are some photos he took of me that we took on a rooftop.



Shop Bop

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately and Shopbop has the hottest stuff...expensive but very fashionable. On every page I found is a preveiw:)